Golf Club News (August 1)

Golf news from the Windermere Valley Ladies Golf Club.

WINDERMERE LADIES GOLF CLUB: On July 18, the game was CryBaby — the game where you can throw out the three scores you wish you never had. The winner was Pat Andruschuk, second place was Nora Efford and third was Sidney Ann Porter. Mary Jean Anakin won the Putting Pot and the Deuce Pot was a carry over. We welcomed a new member this week, Judy Hystad.

On July 25, the ladies played Half and Half. There were five winners this week: first was Coreen Ruault, second was Cathy Howard, third Susan Nikirk, fourth Sydney Ann Porter and fifth was Deb Plato. Sandra Howard was the carry over winner for the Deuce Pot and Coreen Ruault won the Putting Pot.

—Submitted by Ann Way