Golf News: Fairmont Mountainside Men’s Golf Club

Golf News for the week of July 27, submitted by the Fairmont Mountainside Men's Golf Club.

Congratulations once again to John Selzler, who won our monthly cup on June 28. Closest to the pin awards this day went to Steve Seheult, Howard Stafford, Ryan Taylor and, of course, John Denhamer. Selzler, Dave Gibson, Norm MacDonell and Stafford also scored deuces. Not to be left out of the picture, Bill DesBrisay scored an eagle on No. 13.

Play on a warm, sunny July 6 was a team game format of ‘sixes,’ and after some interesting calculations the team of Aiden Geiger, Terry White, Stew Slack and Cal MacPherson was determined the winner. Grandpa Wayne Geiger rolled in a deuce as did Scott Powell, Jim Villeneuve and Stave Seheult. Incidentally, Denhamer through that he might just drop two deuces, which he quite successfully accomplished to no surprise. Well done to Wayne, who took two KP awards with singles going to guest Chris Marshall and new member Villeneuve.

On a hot, breezy July 13, the club played to a two men team, one best net competition. A new sharp-shooter seems to be joining our ranks as Villeneuve landed two KPs. Closest to the pin awards also went to Seheult and Dave MacDonald. Glen Findlay rolled in a deuce, as did both Seheult and MacDonald. These two gentlemen also won the team even, followed closely by john Zedic and Kirk Dawson.

Our interclub matches with Riverside are still close, with Mountainside still slightly ahead.

Submitted by

Barry Jones