Panorama opening day is on December 14.

Panorama opening day is on December 14.

Mountain safety at Panorama

Be advised that Panorama is currently in a period of preparation, until opening day the mountain is closed for public access.

There is snow on the mountain and everyone is excited for the upcoming season. Please be advised that Panorama Mountain Village is currently in a period of preparation. Until opening day — December 14, 2012 — the mountain is closed for public access.

Many special hazards exist throughout the mountain. Safety systems, such as closed area markers and mountain safety teams, are not in place at this time.

The resort has seen quite a large number of people using the mountain (ski hill) for recreational use which poses a high risk to both public and staff. In addition to natural hazards there is dangerous machinery operating on the mountain 24 hours a day including, but not limited to the following:

▪    Snowmaking equipment runs with high pressure air/water supply systems, which would include hoses, and high voltage electricity. This equipment can be started remotely and without notice.

▪    Grooming machine operators are working as if there are no guests on the mountain so they will not be looking for, or expecting you. In addition, winch cats work with kilometre long cables under very high tension, not easily visible.

▪    Snowmobiles operated by snowmakers, electricians and millwrights are used to access different parts of the mountain. At times they travel fast and are not expecting recreational users.

In addition to all this equipment operating, we are facilitating race training — with teams from all over the world — on the lower mountain. When these activities are combined the mountain becomes a very busy place.

Early season snowpack conditions exist throughout the resort and there is a definite threat of avalanches, both natural and man-made, while our mountain safety team assesses and prepares it for the season. Please stay off all slopes until the resort is fully operational and runs have been opened for your enjoyment.

The village will remain open during the preparatory time. Guest Services hours of operation are 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. daily to pick up Season Passes or SnowCards. The Picnic Café, T-Bar & Grill, and General Store are also open daily.

There’s a long ski and board season ahead and we are excited to welcome you on opening day on Friday, December 14.