The Most Valuable Players in basketball for the DTSS 2011-12 school season were: Sr. Girls Basketball

Top athletes at DTSS recognized

The high school’s most outstanding athletes were recognized for their achievements throughout the year at the recent year-end assembly.

David Thompson Secondary School held its annual year-end school assembly on Thursday (June 28) during which the school’s most outstanding athletes were recognized for their achievements throughout the year.

The DTSS Athletic Award Winners for 2011/2012 are as follows:

Fall Sports Most Valuable Players: Sr. Girls Volleyball, Dominique Jensen; Sr. Boys Volleyball, Max Regitnig; Jr. Girls Volleyball, Stephanie Pronk; Jr. Boys Volleyball, Colin Ross; Grade 8 Girls Volleyball, Larissa Kurtz; Grade 8 Boys Volleyball, Jacob Zehnder; Sr. Boys Soccer, Jordan Downey; Cross Country (Girl), Tiara Livingston; Cross Country (Boy), Jared Livingston.

Winter Sports Most Valuable Players: Sr. Girls Basketball, Marie-Eve Trudel; Sr. Boys Basketball, Max Regitnig; Jr. Girls Basketball, Courtney Falkmann; Jr. Boys Basketball, Jack Kubian; Grade 8 Girls Basketball, Kally VanMulligan; Grade 8 Boys Basketball, Jomari Baddas; Skiing (Female), Barbara Jenkinson; Skiing (Male),  Nat McGrath; Snowboard (Female), Shelby Zaporosky; Snowboard (Male), Kaelin Hyllested.

Spring Sports Most Valuable Players: Badminton (Girl), Natalie Gibbs; Badminton (Boy), Alvaro Novoa-Torrente; Girls Soccer, Ellen Wilker; Track & Field (Girl), Balance Paagman; Track & Field (Boy), Samuel Younk; Golf, Aaron Jenkins.

Athletes of the Year (top all-around): Grade 8 Girl, Larissa Kurtz & Kally VanMulligan; Grade 8 Boy, Jacob Zehnder; Jr. Girl, Jane Mouly; Jr. Boy, Colin Ross; Sr. Girl, Dominique Jensen; Sr. Boy, Ryan McNeil; Overall Girl, Marie-Eve Trudel; Overall Boy, Max Regitnig.

—Submitted by Barry Tremblay, David Thompson Secondary School Athletic Director


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