Aaron Mackenzie

Tech Yourself: Enjoy the wilderness armed with the latest tech

I moved to Windermere on June 2nd last year and spent the next bunch of months not really leaving the store.

Tech Yourself: Keeping your head (and storage) in the cloud

I want to throw some numbers at you to illustrate how big of a difference there is in the physical size of carrying information

Technologies are unlocking our potential

Emerging technologies and early adoptions are our current day science fiction

Maker Movement making waves

Maker Movement” encompasses fields such as robotics, electronics, 3D printing, and CNC machinery combined with traditional activities

Tech Yourself: Buying a computer doesn’t have to be a conundrum

Before you run out and grab the cheapest computer available, ask yourself if the computer will actually do what you want it to.

How to watch content on TV

You're all ready to go out and get the TV of your dreams, but what are you going to watch on it?

Tech Yourself: Debunking myths around TV technologies

In my last article, I was discussing the basic pros and cons of plasma televisions.

Tech Yourself: Take the time to learn your TV options

Shopping for a new flatscreen can be daunting. I’m going to break down the task and hopefully alleviate some of the concerns.

Tech Yourself: Las Vegas shows off the newest and greatest tech

Every year at the start of January something fantastic happens in the world of consumer electronics.

Tech Yourself: Tablet technology timeline

From time to time in the consumer electronics industry I see fundamental shifts in the adoption of technology.