Crystal Leonard

WildsafeBC: Young Edgewater artist wins WildSafeBC contest

A winner for the province-wide WildSafeBC colouring contest was drawn and Daven McMurray from Edgewater Elementary has won the grand prize.

Doing business in bear country

In the last three years, there haven't been this many sightings of black bears reported in town

Bears are back in the valley

Bears have been spotted in both Radium and Invermere looking for and finding food such as garbage, bird seed and fruit trees

Bears will soon be looking for food

When bears are eating natural food high up in the mountains, people can forget we still live in bear country

Don’t let your fruit fall to the ground

Wildlife Sightings in and around our communities:
A black bear was seen on the Sinclair Creek trail in Radium Hot Springs.

Bear Aware: Time for hibernation!

There have been no reported bear sightings in town the last few weeks and I predict there won’t be many more in town this year.

Bear Aware: Bear sightings down, deer sightings on the rise

There have been very few bear sightings reported in to the RAPP line the last few weeks.

Bear Aware: We’re getting better.

I would like to applaud residents and business owners who have been properly securing garbage and picking their fruit trees.

Bear Aware: Habituated bears

It has been a very busy September with a high number of bear sightings and many bear related incidences.

Bear Aware: Taking responsibility

Since late August bears have been spotted in and around Invermere and Radium.

Bear Aware: Being bear aware

This summer has been full of public Bear Aware displays in Invermere and Radium.

Bear Aware: Fruit tree pickings

It’s that time of year to start thinking about picking your fruit trees.

Bear Aware: The birds and the bears

There haven’t been as many bear sightings reported this summer.

Bear Aware: Curbside garbage collection

Last week there were 26 garbage bins left out the night before garbage collection in Invermere.

Bear Aware: Shocking solutions to deter foraging bears

With the local food movement taking off, we are starting to see an influx of urban chickens, gardens and fruit trees.

Bear Aware: Back to basics

Now beginning its second year in Invermere and Radium, Bear Aware is hoping to repeat last year’s accomplishments.