Dean Midyette

Editorial: Rejecting racism north and south of the border

Quarterback Colin Kaepernick recently took a knee during the US national anthem but it's important for more than the USA.

Editorial: Liar, liar pants on fire

When it comes to political promises and notorious rhetoric, it's time we look at the facts for what they are.

Editoral: Leaving end-of-life care to the individual

Last week, the Special Joint Committee on Assisted-Physician Dying released its report and recommendations on Canada’s new euthanasia laws.

Editorial: Light at the end of the tunnel for Canal Flats

2015 was a very difficult year for the Village of Canal Flats.

Editorial: Carrying on the Christmas tradition

Every family has their own traditions around Christmas.

Editorial: Canadians welcoming refugees with open arms

Last week, refugees from the Syrian war began arriving in Canada. They were greeted in typical Canadian fashion, with cheers and tears

Editorial: Canada’s wartime legacy lives on

I was 16, on a student exchange to a small town just outside of Hamburg, Germany.

Editorial: And the winner is . . .

Democracy. That was the real winner is last week’s federal election.

Editorial: Niqab not a way to win an election

This is known as a “wedge issue,” which seeks to split citizens and political parties along divisive lines.

Editorial: Forum did not adequately address main issue

The All-Candidates Forum held on Monday, September 28th was a success.

Editorial: Getting ready for The Great Debate

Let’s face it, debating about debating is a bit repetitious, as is arguing about how we’re going to argue.

Editorial: Boycott isn’t just bad for business

Tim Hortons franchises across the country began running Enbridge ads that support the development of the Northern Gateway Pipeline