Eric Elliott

Rockies finding their stride in weekend split

The Columbia Valley Rockies are finally finding their stride, splitting last weekend's games against Fernie and Kimberley.

Off the record: Barking on Parenthood

If people want to refer to their pets as their children, go right ahead. Who's it harming anyways?

Radium tackles combined zoning to help property sales

Briefs from the recent Radium Hot Springs council meeting held on October 26th.

Rockies continue to search for inner identity

The Columbia Valley Rockies dropped both of their games last weekend against Fernie and Creston.

More affordable housing in progress for the valley

After months of consultation, the Family Dynamix Association is moving forward with plans for more affordable housing in the Valley.

Off the record: offensive team names need to change

The Cleveland Indians represent just one of many sports teams with offensive names. It's 2016 though; it's time for change.

Elk Valley grizzly bear fatalities on the rise

A recent study out of the University of Alberta showed that grizzly bear deaths caused by human activity are on the rise in Elk Valley.

Off the record: Why do sports fans care so much?

The AL East Wild Card game was a thing of beauty. But is it too much to hang on every occurrence of a sports game?

Open fires allowed with caution in Southeast Fire Centre

As of October 7th, category 3 open fires are once again be permitted in the Southeast Fire Centre, due to a decreased risk of wildfires.

Invasive species concern highlighted

The EKISC recently held a number of open houses in the Columbia Valley to highlight the concern around invasive species.

Rockies lose two on season’s first road trip

The Columbia Valley Rockies lost two games last weekend on their first road trip of the season.

Local resort communities will see more tourism funding

Local resort communities will see more funding in the future thanks to the continued Resort Municipality Initiative.

Changes due for Stop of Interest Signage

Changes and updates are coming soon to the numerous Stop of Interest signs in the Columbia Valley

Off the record: how politics are failing democracy

The political system in North America is broken. Can democracy ever be saved?

Alberta visitor claims classic Jeep

In this year's Columbia Valley Rockies Classic Car Raffle, Tony Giasson walked home with a 1970 Jeep of his own.

Calls for Columbia Valley photographs in Giant Lacewing study

COSEWIC is asking anyone who has seen a Giant Lacewing to take pictures and submit them to complete their study on the dying species.

Back to the future in Sweden for former Rockies’ Doan Smith

21-year-old Doan Smith is making his way back to Sweden for his second season in the Swedish Hockey League.

Off the record: World Cup success may have Olympic cost

While the World Cup may be remarkable now, just know that it could come at a steep Olympic-sized cost in the future.

Rockies lose heart breaker to Spokane at home

Despite outplaying the visiting Spokane Braves, the Rockies recorded their fourth loss of the season 6-5 last Saturday night.

Lacing them up in the IHL

It's a great feeling being back on the ice in a Canadian hockey rink. I'm happy to say this one is in the Invermere Hockey League.