Gerry Taft

Regional Rundown: Columbia Valley is well-positioned for growth

Columbia Valley have been hosts two different sessions on economic development initiatives.

Regional Rundown: Large Calgary turnout for resident retention project

consultation process on the Permanent Resident Attraction & Retention Project,held a consultation session in Calgary on January 27th.

Regional Rundown: Seeking public input on growing the population

as many of us know, a lot of homes and condos sit dark and empty for extended periods outside of school breaks.

Regional Rundown: No, downtown Invermere isn’t dying!

Is downtown Invermere dying? Why doesn’t the DOI control/stop/limit the development at the crossroads?

Regional Rundown: Reassured by high voter turnout in region

As Monday’s election results prove, in certain ridings, including our riding of Kootenay-Columbia, every vote does count.

Regional Rundown: The importance of the UBCM convention

What is the balance between professional development and wasting tax dollars?

Regional Rundown: Trashy style of garbage disposal has to stop

With another busy summer period comes the often stinky and unpleasant by-product of garbage — and lots of it.

Regional Rundown: Thankful for emergency responders

Recent traffic accidents and forest fires remind us of several things — the obvious, including to drive slower; pay more attention.

Regional Rundown: Moving forward with trust and collaboration

It is often said that the various communities and entities in the Columbia Valley should work together better.

Regional Rundown: A day in the life of a thick-skinned politician

Often people lament about why there are no decent people in politics.

Regional Rundown: Invermere eyes fundraising for new library facility

no surprise that most of our focus and energy is going into the design and development of the new multi-use facility

Regional Rundown: Accepting change in ever-changing town

There is one thing that most people don’t like — CHANGE. It really should be a four letter word.

Accepting change in ever-changing town

The “former residents” on Facebook are the first to cry out against change

Regional Rundown: What does it mean to be an engaged citizen?

It should likely not have come as a shock that some people are only engaged when it directly impacts them.

Regional Rundown: An Invermere overview: from centre to cenotaph

In the middle of August, people will begin to see some activity at the cenotaph.

Regional Rundown: Community composting is the next step

The potential of re-introducing potentially recyclable material into our garbage stream is very concerning

Regional Rundown: Celebrating the success of regional governance

The working relationship and partnerships between political jurisdictions in the Columbia Valley has been very positive.

Regional Rundown: ‘Silly season’ begins with fall elections looming

The days are getting longer, the weather is getting warmer, and there is something in the air.