Gerry Wilkie

Learning About the Benefits of Natural Engineering

Regional Rundown with Area director Gerry Wilkie, talking about recent Climate Change conference

Regional Rundown: The Bridge Over the River Luxor

If you have driven on Highway 95 north to Brisco in the last year, you are well aware of the new bridge construction over Luxor Creek.

Regional Rundown: Educational opportunities for Area directors

Regional District Electoral Area directors are occasionally invited to attend seminars, forums and educational sessions

Regional Rundown: RDEK celebrates 50 years

As an RDEK director, I have learned a good deal about B.C.’s regional district governance and why it is often cited as a model

Regional Rundown: Relationship building the focus of forums

Union of British Columbia Municipalities and the First Nations Summit jointly organized the first Community to Community Forum.

Regional Rundown: Spotlight on agriculture

some of the things happening in the local agriculture sector, both at the Regional District of East Kootenay level and beyond.

Reginal Rundown: UBCM gives local government a voice

looking forward to the Union of BC Municipalities Annual Convention in Vancouver which will be held the third week of September.

Regional Rundown: A recap of Area G happenings

Gerry Wilkie is the Regional District of East Kootenay director for Area G

Regional Rundown: Future of Selkirk Park to be discussed in Wilmer

past 40 years, the Province of B.C. has leased an area of land in Wilmer to the Regional District of East Kootenay.

Regional Rundown: Get on board: a look at transit

One of the challenges with the transit service is having enough ridership to make it sustainable

Regional Rundown: Exploring the park options in Wilmer

meeting with the community this spring to discuss the future of the park.

Regional Rundown: Overview of the Edgewater water system

Edgewater residents will be pleased to know that major upgrades to our water system have been completed.

Regional Rundown: A collective approach for the Columbia Valley

The most important part of my job has been working with people, both individually and with their communities

Regional Rundown: What is a Discretionary Grant in Aid?

There are procedures that must be followed when applying for a grant and I thought it might be helpful to review the process for you.

Regional Rundown: Edgewater water project continues

This summer, construction will begin on a new 30-foot by 30-foot building at the reservoir site.

Regional Rundown: In praise of the Columbia Valley’s festivals

The Wings Over the Rockies Festival is one model to follow as we work toward further economic diversity in the valley.

Regional Rundown: Regional governments sent a message in Creston

The City of Nelson presented a relatively polite resolution critical of the recent proposed changes to the Agricultural Land Reserve

Regional Rundown: Three important Columbia Valley initiatives

The grandeur and diversity of the landscape in the valley provides opportunities for outdoor recreation activities and economic benefit.