Hayley Wilson and Kate Atkinson

Blast Off: Clean up your diet… and your waist will follow!

There are more diet plans out there than there are days in a year.

Blast Off: Questions personal trainers are commonly asked

As personal trainers and group fitness instructors, we get asked a lot of questions about nutrition and exercise.

Blast Off: Strategies for clean eating and healthy living

It can be really hard to stick to a clean eating lifestyle when you have a busy schedule.

Blast Off: Take advantage of seasonal produce

It can be easy to get stuck in an uninspired food routine that leaves you reaching for the same fruits and veggies time and time again.

Blast Off: Get the skinny on fats

Despite their bad reputation, some types of fat are essential to your health and should not be to blame for the growing obesity epidemic.

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Are you stuck at the same weight no matter what you do?

Blast Off: Whole wheat versus whole grain

Have you heard the "latest" terms being thrown around nowadays — Celiac Disease, Gluten Intolerance, Wheat Belly?

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Forget about diets that restrict your caloric intake.

Burn more fat in less time with interval training: Blast Off

The key to weight loss is simple: you must burn more energy than you are consuming.

S.M.A.R.T. start for 2012

Are you feeling heavy, flabby, and lacking energy?