Norm Macdonald

False advertising

Ever wonder exactly how much all this government advertising is actually costing you?

Respectful treatment of seniors must be a priority

One of the biggest issues that has faced British Columbians since the BC Liberals came to power has been the treatment of seniors

MLA Report: Slow Food Canada comes to the Columbia Valley

This April 6th to 10th, Invermere will be hosting the Slow Food Canada National Summit

MLA Report: Trans Canda Highway makes a better big project choice

as your representative to the Legislature, I’ve been thinking a lot about public policy and public spending.

A Christmas message from the B.C. Legislature

Christmas and New Year celebrations are a wonderful part of winter here in Columbia River-Revelstoke.

MLA Report: Government must take real action on food security

another news report that food prices are going to rise even further in 2016

MLA Report: Let’s build the energy future we want

There are few places in British Columbia that are more connected to power generation than Columbia River- Revelstoke

MLA Report: Hope for a strong winter tourism season

Lots of snow, early would sure get us started on what should be a very strong winter tourism season in the Columbia River–Revelstoke.

MLA Report: B.C. Liberals destruction of documents a deliberate act

Your government has a responsibility to retain relevant documents and to provide access under the Freedom of Information Act.

MLA Report: Electoral reform is necessary to protect democracy

The only way this will be our reality is to have a democratic system that actually works.

MLA Report: Canal Flats mill closure was preventable

One of our Kootenay communities recently received a massive blow, affecting not just the Village of Canal Flats

MLA Report: Not doing enough to protect B.C. waters

need for the provincial government to vigorously protect our lakes and rivers

MLA Report: LNG deal is a bad agreement

The British Columbia Legislature has been recalled this summer to pass legislation related to Liquefied Natural Gas.

MLA Report: This is what we achieve when we stand for what is right

People in the communities I represent want to make decisions for themselves.

MLA Report: Maximum mussel action required

On the May long weekend in Alberta, a boat infested with zebra and quagga mussels was stopped by government inspectors

B.C. Liberal record of food security more than failure

The firing of Agricultural Land Commission chair Richard Bullock matters

MLA Report: A massive giveaway with a narrow political agenda

To say that there is a gap between what the B.C. Liberals promised and the current reality would be a bit of an understatement.

MLA Report: Local decision-making critical for the land base

the powers in faraway places will never fully understand the impacts of the decisions they are making.

MLA Report: BC Liberals can’t be trusted when it comes to land deals

the way government decisions on land can benefit their friends, and the way that zoning of land can drastically affect its value.

MLA Report: Basin residents are the strength of the Columbia Basin Trust

For twenty years, the Columbia Basin Trust (CBT) has provided proof that tremendous things can happen.