Rob Orchiston

Geek Zone: Seeing the world through Google Glass

I’m looking forward to the upcoming deluge of random cat videos that people happen to record through their glass

Geek Zone: Electric car patents are suddenly fair game

Musk has followed the lead of the open source software movement in removing patents in an effort to grow the technology

Geek Zone: Backcountry beer bliss

Thanks to Pat’s Backcountry Beverages, you can now enjoy a fresh cold pint after a long day outdoors navigating whiteouts and crevasses

Geek Zone: Origins of the universe detected

It took us 98 more years of technology advancements to invent and create the machines capable of finding this evidence.

Geek Zone: On the edge of a robotics revolution?

Two kids plus two Lego mindstorm kits equals a Robotic Battle of Supremacy. That’s what happened at my house last weekend.