Greg Amos

Proposed logging within view of Canal Flats opposed

Council speaks against logging stand of rare limber pine found on unstable sandy banks

Canal Flats village assures its open for busines

Application to subdivide stirs a debate over due process and a need for Canal Flats to be business-friendly

Council Briefs: Business liaisons begin work

Two candidates — one local and one from near Calgary — have been hired and began work for the Village of Canal Flats

Council Briefs: Constrained budget affects grant requests

As the Village of Canal Flats begins detailed work on a budget that must be approved early in the spring

Council Briefs: Merger of regional fire services proposed by Canal Flats

Canal Flats is proposing a new Regional District of East Kootenay fire service for the Columbia Valley

Zoning amendments to allow docks underway

Canal Flats council has agreed in principle to water zoning changes that will set defined limits on how many docks can be built

Council Briefs: Canal Flats seeks more value from tourism promotion dollars

Seeking more bang for its bucks on tourism promotions, Canal Flats is leading a call for a new funding model

Resident retention plan grows

in the wake of Canfor’s Canal Flats mill closure village adding its presence to Resident Attraction and Retention Advisory Committee

Have a Zamboni, Edgewater

Canal Flats’ older Zamboni is finding a new home at the outdoor Frank’s Rink in Edgewater

Council Briefs: Mill closure means fire risk for Canal Flats

Village of Canal Flats’ November 23rd council meeting,was alerted to a looming problem related to the closure of the Canfor sawmill

Impact of more docks on Columbia Lake debated

Canal Flats councillors took issue with warnings about the impacts of allowing docks on the village’s waterfront property

Village weighs in on density averaging for rural developers

Canal Flats council debated but ultimately decided not to support a regional district bylaw (No. 2593)

ACE passing torch to municipalities

Creating more accessible urban environments is an increasingly important economic action

Hot pools privatization delayed

The Radium Hot Pools won’t likely be seeing any privatization for another full year

Under B.C.’s new Off Road Vehicle Act that comes into effect this fall

New rules in store for off-road vehicles in B.C.

Changes will be coming for owners looking to registrar their off-road vehicles

Under B.C.’s new Off Road Vehicle Act that comes into effect this fall

Weller sentenced to 15 months; Bagri guilty on all counts

The hammer of justice fell swiftly in two high-profile cases in Invermere Provincial Court on Monday, April 28th

Some deadline days are perfectly  described by the cartoon above.

Editorial: A final salute from an outgoing editor

After a year and a half, this is my final column for the Valley Echo.

Some deadline days are perfectly  described by the cartoon above.

Editorial: Overcoming ‘balkanization’ in the Columbia Valley

How many ways can you think of to divide a roughly 8,000-person section of the Columbia River valley into individual communities?

Editorial: Vicious dog attack a cause for concern

It’s ultimately up to owners to ensure their dogs are well-trained and leashed when they need to be.

Local producer critical of agriculture land changes

A new bill tabled last Thursday (March 27th) proposes to break B.C. into two agricultural zones