Have a Zamboni, Edgewater

Canal Flats’ older Zamboni is finding a new home at the outdoor Frank’s Rink in Edgewater

Canal Flats’ older Zamboni is finding a new home at the outdoor Frank’s Rink in Edgewater, after a long-running discussion between the two communities.

A new Zamboni was added to Canal Flats’ fleet after a $1.3 million upgrade to the Canal Flats arena in 2013, bringing into question the fate of the older unit, which the village had kept for spare parts and as a backup unit.

After inquiries were made this fall by Edgewater Recreation Society president Tammy Tutte and RDEK Area G director Gerry Wilkie, and a green light was given by Canal Flats arena manger Matthew Fournier, it was left up to council whether to donate or simply loan the old machine to Edgewater.

“Possible use of the zamboni has been discussed with Mayor Juras during our past RDEK Columbia Valley directors meetings,” wrote Wilkie in a letter to Canal Flats council.

The subject was well-known to the village council, who were happy to put the question to rest at their December 14th council meeting.

Juras noted that “it’s now become the Z-word” at regional district directors meetings.

Both Canal Flats and Edgewater are members of the RDEK’s Columbia Valley Recreation Service Area, a new entity since 2012 that has replaced several communities’ own recreation functions, including the village’s former Canal Flats Recreation Service Area.

In October 2013, the Canal Flats Zamboni had a minor mechanical failure and emitted a noticeable level of carbon dioxide in the Canal Flats arena, causing the building to be evacuated during a hockey tournament. Carbon dioxide emissions won’t likely be a problem in Edgewater, where the arena is outdoors.

For Edgewater, the full-size Zamboni replaces what was “basically a tractor with a homemade unit on the back of it,” said Tutte.