Nicole Trigg

Editorial: Resistance when going against the status quo

The controversy over the human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine Gardasil continues.

Bat conservation gets boost from cave discovery

Bats get a bad rap, thanks to the tradition in the horror story genre which, has portrayed them as mini vampires

Editorial: Want grandchildren? Say no to this vaccine.

An alarm has been sounded over one of the three vaccines that are approved for use in Canada for human papillamvirus (HPV)

Editorial: GASsing up the B.C. ski industry

GAS the most recent ski resort proposal to get an environmental certificate in BC — has faced opposition since inception.

Editorial: Putting the Columbia Valley on the map

Invermere was an idyllic little community in the East Kootenay of British Columbia

Editorial: What is and isn’t working for current residents?

Second homeowners in the Columbia valley have one thing in common. They feel at home here

Editorial: The two sides of Boxing Day

Whether one is religious or not, the appeal of the end of December is practically universal across North America

Regional News: Jensen steps in as new CBT board chair, Deck retires

Rick Jensen, former president and CEO of Panorama, has replaced Greg Deck as chair of the Columbia Basin Trust (CBT).

Editorial: Climate change needs action, not words

people around the world are wondering what, if anything, will actually be able to accomplish.

Editorial: Not balking in the face of terror

Since the attacks on Paris last week, Canadian public reaction has surged in a number of different directions

Shuswap chief pleased with cabinet

Pride was a sentiment that reverberated through the halls of the Shuswap Band’s new office area

Editorial: Taking clear action in the muddy Syrian conflict

it’s a fitting time to ponder what’s going on in Syria and Iraq and Canada’s involvement in the bombing mission against ISIS.

Editorial: Wave of support for vote-splitting parties

It’s a bittersweet victory for NDP candidate Wayne Stetski.

Liberal, Green candidates don’t support strategic voting #KootenayColumbia

strategic voting has been gaining momentum in the lead up to the October 19th election

ELECTION 2015: Kootenay-Columbia Liberal, Green candidates don’t support strategic voting

The notion of strategic voting has been gaining momentum in the lead up to the October 19th election.

Editorial: Online voting is premature in this day and age

It’s surprising that a majority of B.C. municipal leaders are pushing for the provincial government to enable online voting

Editorial: Political polling predictions

it’s anyone’s guess what the next federal leader is going to look like on October 20th.

Editorial: A fighting spirit in the face of fate

Instead of accepting a life of long-term care, they decided to take Norm’s fate into their own hands.

Editorial: Pre-election coverage like never before

readers an in-depth Elections 2015 feature leading up to the October 19th Canadian federal election

EDITORIAL: Safe in our slice of paradise

As columnist Tom Fletcher points out, not all of B.C. is up in flames.