Nicole Trigg

What is going on at Whitetail Lake?

A concerned Calgary resident expressed his condemnation of development work taking place around Whitetail Lake

Mail-in voting still unavailable to Invermere residents

An Invermere couple who was hoping to vote in this year’s local government election will have to wait until 2018.

Snowmobiling management a fait accompli in B.C.

Snowmobiling is a popular winter pastime in the valley.

A valley of content constituents

This year’s local election is shaping up to be a fairly uneventful one.

Unpopular forestry legislation axed for time being

government decision not to proceed with controversial changes

Common sense firearm licensing rife with paradox

The tabled amendments for firearms possession in Canada appear to be a bundle of mixed messages

Editorial: Still having to protest drinking and driving

“I can’t believe I still have to protest this s**t.”

Editorial: November municipal election just around the corner

What we’d like to know is what questions do you, the Valley Echo readers, want candidates to answer?

November municipal election just around the corner

Many readers are wondering when election campaign coverage will start

Editorial: The challenge ahead for Columbia Lake’s stewards

One of the most appealing and marketable features of Canal Flats is its extraordinary location at the source of the mighty Columbia

New recreation service area tax for Edgewater debated

The decision to fund part of Invermere’s new multi-use centre using the CVRSA tax base is meeting some opposition in Edgewater

Editorial: Looking beyond the numbers — at more numbers

The BCSTA needs to do a better job of advocating for the students for which they are responsible

Editorial: Encouraging hope in First Nations communities

Akisqnuk First Nation councillor Marguerite Cooper believes schools are underestimating the abilities of First Nations students

Above: (l-r) Scott McClain

Columbia Valley golfers swing for a cure

Two local golf clubs spent some time on their respective courses in June to raise money.

Above: (l-r) Scott McClain

Editorial: To legalize or not to legalize, that is the question

Results of the recently-released Ipsus Reid poll show one in three Canadians support full legalization of marijuana in Canada.

Editorial: Agri Fair a great success despite low turnout

A special treat was in store for those who did take time to tromp through the hay field under the hot sun

Editorial: Squabbling over Park Amendment Act semantics

If the critics’ accusations prove correct, the secretive semantics surrounding the real intent behind Bill 4 will prove to be a sneaky ploy

Editorial: Recognizing our young athletes

The 2014 BC Summer Games start in Nanaimo tomorrow (Thursday, July 17th) and run through to Sunday, July 20th.

A screen shot of the new music video released on July 11th that can be viewed online

‘Happy’ infects Columbia Garden Village with new music video

Golden Life has releasing a video dub showing residents and staff expressing their inner happiness to tune of 'Happy'.

A screen shot of the new music video released on July 11th that can be viewed online

Editorial: Playing the highest card in the deck

Thanks to ACE, the Columbia Valley communities do an excellent job making the promotion of inclusivity and access mainstream.