A new home for Black Star

A look at Black Star Studio's new home in downtown Invermere.

Black Star Studio's new home in downtown Invermere.

Black Star Studio's new home in downtown Invermere.

Black Star Studio has a new home right in the middle of downtown Invermere. The studio which will be celebrating its second year anniversary on July first, saw the move as a chance to become more involved in the downtown scene.

“It was about being a part of the community of downtown Invermere and being a part of the fun and good vibe of the area,” said part owner Natalie Ruby.

Ruby and her partners Cajsa Fredin and Jen Abra wanted to give more local people and visitors to the area, easier access to the store on a regular basis. They all felt this was important due to the nature of the ever changing displays in the studio.

“Things are always changing at Black Star. Week to week there is something different to see. Being here will make things simpler for people to drop in and see what is new,” Ruby said.

The response to the move has been positive and overwhelming for the owners who said that many local businesses have come by to welcome them with some even sending flowers to the studio. After being in business for almost two years the group said they have learned that if you have a dream you need to go for it. They said that hard work and support from family and friends has been a key to theirsuccess.

“If you have a goal you can make it happen but you have to work for it,” said Abra.

The studio still has space for other artists and the number of people who come in to work at the studio has grown from 12 on opening day to over 35 artists. The studio will always try to accomodate an artist if they would like to come create art in the studio.

“We will always try to make space for other people who need a place to work,” said Fredin.

One programs the studio has been promoting since the store opened is called Rising Stars. Local children can bring their works to the store where they will be put on display. When they are sold 100 per cent of the profits gotto purchase supplies for local children’s groups.

“We want to encourage children to continue to be creative in the community,” Ruby said. “Get creative, get inspired, get in here!”

For more information about the studio you can check out www.blackstarstudios.ca