New owner for Fusion spa

Fusion Wellness Spa recently switched hands, with a new owner, Barbbara Mullen, as of September 1.

Barbbara Mullen

Barbbara Mullen

Fusion Wellness Spa recently switched hands, with a new owner, Barbbara Mullen, as of September 1.

Mullen, originally from England, spent 27 years in Fort McMurray in a busy corporate community para-legal law firm, but has been visiting the valley with her family for many years.

“We liked to come out here for camping, and in 2005 we were looking for a place to settle for our retirement,” said Mullen. “And we saw Castle Rock.”

Over the years, Mullen’s children have flocked to the valley as well. Mullen became acquainted with Fusion Spa early-on, while preparing for her daughter’s wedding.

“I frequented here, I came to spend time and relax, and I loved it,” said Mullen.

Though nearing retirement age, Mullen was not sure if she was completely ready to stop working, and the opportunity to run and own a business was appealing.

“On less stressful days, I would Google businesses for sale in this area,” Mullen said.

“I feel I’m too young for retirement just yet, and I would be bored. So I thought about looking into a business, something to keep the economy in the area going, and I saw Fusion Spa. Within 24 hours, I had the information prepared and was ready to go.”

Mullen’s plan is to add to Fusion Spa gradually over time, and keep a community-interest feel for the business.

“I really want to invest in the community, it’s important to give back and partake in things like charities and sponsorships,” said Mullen.

“We’re going to provide services to help seniors and young families — as a mother of four kids I know how stressful families can be!”

Mullen will be introducing programs at the spa focusing on different clientele for a certain amount of time, such as the two-week “mother”-oriented express facial and regular or gelish pedicure.

“The gelish is new,” said Mullen. “It’s a very durable pedicure that we’re just introducing now. It instantly dries and is a bit longer-lasting.”

The spa will also be introducing reflexology and other recreational treatment, and pre and post-natal services.

“We’d also like to offer a locals’ and students’ discount of 10 or 15 per cent for certain services, and a birthday discount with confirmation,” said Mullen. “We’re introducing a new line of vegan nail polish too.”

As for the business’ size, Mullen is hoping to utilize the spa’s basement to expand.

“My long-term goal is to develop and expand the spa, and add a studio for yoga,” said Mullen.

As for coming into the position at Fusion Spa, Mullen could not be happier.

“I’m excited for the venture, this is a totally different change in my life and I’m looking forward to sharing my enjoyment,” said Mullen.