New stylist and new tanning booth for local salon

Scizzor Sisters in Invermere celebrated their one-year anniversary this past summer.

Scizzor Sisters in Invermere celebrated their one-year anniversary this past summer, and with a new stylist and some new equipment the salon is well-equipped to continue to serve the community.

“The first year went well,” said Meka Jensen, who owns the salon with her sister Britt. “It was busy, we’re still trying to figure things out. There were a few bumps in the road, but nothing major.”

Originally from Vancouver where they went to school, the two sisters took decidedly different paths to Invermere. Meka moved to the Columbia Valley in 2005 after finishing school to be with her fiancee, who played for the Columbia Valley Rockies at the time, while Britt, after attending the same school a year later opened her own salon in Halifax. Fast forward a few years, and the two sisters are reunited once again, this time in the comfy confines of their very own salon, located at 519 13th St.

“We always wanted to have a salon together,” Meka said.

Recently, two big changes for the salon could mean an increase in business. Scizzor Sisters has recently purchased a spray tanning booth that uses an all-natural solution, and fellow local hairdresser Jeanelle Reynolds has recently joined the fold after operating her own salon in Radium for a number of years. For Meka, having such an ideal location in Invermere is part of what allows them to continue to grow and expand, and she said she doubts she would be so lucky if she were to relocate back to Vancouver.

“I think about if I were to go back to Vancouver and start all over again, it wouldn’t be like this at all,” Meka said. “My salon would probably be half

the size.”

During their first year of operation Scizzor Sisters have also made their mark in the community by getting involved in a number of different causes, events and initiatives. They regularly do the hair of models for the thrift store fashion show, and love to get involved with events like Light-Up Night and Halloween. Meka said doing hair styling for those kinds of events really allows the stylists to express their creativity, as their normal clients usually don’t want some of the more unique


“We like to do different things outside the salon, because you’re so confined to weddings (and other events),” Meka said. “You can’t really be that creative, so if they’re doing fashion shows or something like that… it’s fun to be creative and show people what we

can do.”