Andrea Tubbs of Swansea Communications.

Andrea Tubbs of Swansea Communications.

Social media a la Swansea

New business sees great potential in Columbia Valley.

While the valley has certainly felt the effects of a less-than-stellar economy over the last several years, for Andrea Tubbs of Swansea Communications, she still sees a big future.

“I think there’s a lot of potential in the valley, there’s a variety of businesses… and there’s a variety of industries as well,” Tubbs said. “I really think there’s great potential across the valley, and even in a down economy, this is the time to be looking at what you’re doing in the marketplace, how you’re spending your marketing and advertising dollars, and what you’re getting for those dollars. Just because you’re spending, doesn’t mean you’re getting anything back.”

Tubbs started Swansea Communications after relocating to the Columbia Valley with her husband earlier this year. Having worked with marketing and communications services for more than a decade, Tubbs and business partner John Restemeyer have been hard at work meeting people and building the connections they’ll need to be successful.

“We do a lot of face-to-face; it’s been a great way to connect,” Tubbs said. “We’ve found that it’s been really successful, people really appreciate the sort of hands-on, face-to-face approach. After all, this is still a small community, and that is how you get to know people.”

Swansea Communications offers a wide range of services including marketing audits, rebranding, social media marketing, event planning and marketing, public relations, and website building. Tubbs said the majority of their clients so far have been private businesses, but they do offer their services to any group, organization or business that might be looking to raise its profile. Her specialty lies mostly in social media marketing and general public relations.

“I think (social media) plays a really pivotal role,” said Tubbs. “I know that myself as a consumer, and of course what I’ve read and experienced myself being on social media, it means a lot more to me when a friend can recommend, or a friend has comments to say about a product or service.”

She sees the role of social media in marketing as continuing to evolve over time, and said there are still plenty of companies out there that are not using it to the best of their advantage.

“Most companies have a website, but it’s usually a one-way conversation, they’re pushing information to you,” Tubbs said. “With social media you can respond in any way that you choose. If you’re dissatisfied, or over the moon, everyone is going to know about it.”

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