Swing musician Andrea Superstein will be bringing old-tyme fun to Pynelogs on the evening of March 30th

Swing musician Andrea Superstein will be bringing old-tyme fun to Pynelogs on the evening of March 30th

Andrea Superstein coming to swing Pynelogs

For an evening of swing jazz and old-time entertainment, Superstein will be performing at Pynelogs

Through the talents of a smoky blues and sassy swing musician, Pynelogs in Invermere is offering to take locals through the joyful feelings of false innocence during the post-war era.

For an evening of swing jazz and old-time entertainment, Andrea Superstein has been called for a performance at Pynelogs on Saturday, March 30th.

“The goal is to have people leaving with a smile on their faces,” Superstein said to The Echo.

The swing singer now calls Vancouver home, but she was raised in Montreal, where she discovered her passion.

“I grew up working in musical theatre, and I discovered that a lot of those old, American Songbook tunes that I knew from musical theatre became jazz standards. I think at my first public performance, I was 8 years old.”

In 2010, eight years after moving to B.C., Superstein released her debut album, One Night.

Since releasing the album more than two years ago, she’s taken a step back to develop her talent. But with a new single and plans for more music, Superstein is ready for the next level.

“I was really working on building my repertoire, honing my craft, and I wanted to go into the studio this time around with some really solid ideas and concepts. I feel like now that I’ve had a little bit more experience I can put out a record that I’m super, super proud of,” she said.

Most of the tracks off One Night will be shared at the Pynelogs performance, along with a special feature – Love Me or Leave Me – the new song recorded by Superstein’s band, The Andrea Superstein Quartet.

Joining Superstein are Sharon Minemoto on piano, Rene Worst on bass, and Andrew Millar on drums.

“The stories and the connection I form with the audience during a live show makes it a lot different than just listening to the record,” Ms. Superstein added.

Superstein was featured in Canadian Music Week last year and has performed twice in Vancouver’s JazzFest.

“I guess in a relatively short amount of time, I’ve done a lot of things,” she said.

One of her highlights was a show at Strand’s Old House in Invermere last year. Coincidentally, it was on the same day as this year’s performance – March 30th.

“I’ve always been really fascinated by Invermere and really interested to see what it was like,” she said. “It really didn’t disappoint in terms of the vibe of the town. I thought it was really lovely. And the hospitality that we received, we played at Strands last year and Tony was amazing; the staff were so nice and the people who came out to the show were just wonderful.”

To be taken through a fantastical world of dimly-lit speakeasies and lavish nightclubs, don’t miss Andrea Superstein. Tickets are $15 in advance and $20 at the door, and can be bought ahead of time at the Book Bar or calling Pynelogs at 250-342-4423.