Annual BIG Book Sale a valley highlight

Friends of the Invermere Library is encouraging people to recycle their books and donate them to the library.

The 5th annual BIG Book Sale is coming up soon. It is a perfect opportunity to share the books you have enjoyed with more readers. Someone is waiting to read that novel you loved, the biography you enjoyed, the bedtime story your children have outgrown, or the how-to book that taught you so much. Those books that are taking up shelf space or languishing in boxes will be snapped up by appreciative readers at the BIG Book sale on Saturday, July 14 at the Invermere Community Hall.

The BIG Book Sale is a July highlight in the Columbia Valley. Visitors find their summer reads, kids fill bags with delightful stories, residents replace donated books with new material, and everyone finds books they will enjoy in the coming months.

“The BIG Book Sale is a great way to recycle. Most books are read a few times, often only once. Donating them to the library gives others a chance to enjoy them and all the funds raised at the BIG Book Sale support library programs. It’s a winning formula!” explains Sandra Quinn-Boyes, President of the Friends of Invermere Library.

The Friends of Invermere Library are collecting gently used books and sorting them into dozens of categories in preparation for the BIG Book Sale. They are pleased to receive fiction, children’s books, history, biographies, science, home improvement, self-help and almost any other books in good condition. Please bring your books to Invermere Public Library before Thursday, July 12. Do not bring textbooks, National Geographics, Reader’s Digest condensed books or computer manuals.

— Submitted by Lynda Tutty, Friends of Invermere Library