British Columbia child care providers honoured

A special day for child care providers across British Columbia is being celebrated May 19.

A special day for child care providers across British Columbia is being celebrated May 19. Introduced by the B.C. government, Child Care Provider Appreciation Day recognizes the wonderful efforts of child care providers across the province.

The Windermere Valley’s Early Childhood Development (ECD) Team will be purchasing B.C. orchids and will be delivering them to specific child care provider groups in the Valley. The ECD Team will also be looking to place a sign proclaiming the significance of the day on Athalmer Bridge.

“Next year we would like to make this event bigger, with a dinner for the child care providers, because it doesn’t happen often enough,” said Lisa Lehr, ECD Team co-ordinator and manager at Sunshine Children’s Centre.

Research has shown that the first six years of a child’s life are the most important part of learning cognitive, physical, social, creative and emotional skills to carry with them throughout their lives, making their care at this age extremely important.

Quality child care can be found in registered, license-not-required child care, family daycares, childcare centres, early learning centres and preschools.

“Around 70 per cent of children have child care providers,” said Lehr.

The ECD Team works to promote the healthy development of children aged 0-6 years throughout the Valley.

This is Lehr’s first year working as a co-ordinator for the ECD Team. She has and still works as a child care provider as well.

“I just wanted to move into other societies as well, personally and professionally,” said Lehr of joining the ECD Team.

The ECD Team is currently involved with other projects as well. Earth Worms, an environmental program for preschool children, is being distributed to local child care centres and family programs.

PIPs (Preschool Indoor Playground), is an assortment of preschool equipment ordered by the ECD Team that was purchased with funds received from School District No. 6’s Early Learning Grant.

The Community Services Guide lists a wide variety of organizations who provide services for children aged 0-6 years and their families.

From government agencies to non-profit organizations, sports, recreation opportunities and more, the guide provides an excellent starting place for families.

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