Diane Lapointe creates inspired pieces of art with her indulgent passion

Diane Lapointe creates inspired pieces of art with her indulgent passion

Diane Lapointe Fun Cakes

Decorating cakes was a hobby Diane Lapointe often turned to for fun

Decorating cakes was a hobby I often turned to for fun. It was an indulgent pleasure I loved sharing with others. Since I didn’t often get a chance to exercise my creative talents at my previous place of work, scrapbooking and cake decorating soon became two of my favourite outlets.

At first I limited my sweet offerings to family and close friends. Their enthusiastic comments and encouragement inspired me to expand my horizons and soon I was creating cakes for friends of friends.

I decorated a huge number of cakes before I gained enough confidence to charge for my creations. Once I started charging a nominal fee for my work, I realized I could actually take my hobby and turn it into a home-based business. I am a stay-at-home mom with three young children and working from home is ideal. With a minimum of fuss, Fun Cakes by Diane was born.

I love the creativity involved in trying out new ideas and techniques. I am constantly researching and checking out new products and new designs.

I work with each individual client to do my best to cater specifically to their special occasion. It’s my goal to help make every celebration unique and memorable.

Besides creating new ideas, I have an entire photo album of Ready-to-Order cakes, which allows busy clients to choose quickly and easily from popular designs. Each cake is made to order so even the Ready-to-Order cakes receive that personalized touch. My album is available for viewing on my Facebook page, “Fun Cakes by Diane.” I add new photos whenever I am inspired by a new creation. Please “like” the page for easy ordering and to see the latest creations.

A few of my favourite cakes are on display in the north window of Valley Foods in Invermere. Please stop by and check them out.