Forging into a new future

A new business has opened on Athalmer Road beside Bavin Glassworks called Bellows Forge & Iron Works to bring one-of-a-kind blacksmithing work to the Columbia Valley.

Paul Reimer (left) and Scott Bellows (right) have come together for a new experience in blacksmithing.

Paul Reimer (left) and Scott Bellows (right) have come together for a new experience in blacksmithing.

Paul Reimer and Scott Bellows are two blacksmiths who have come together to give people interested in one-of-a-kind works a place to go in Invermere.

Bellows recently moved Bellows Forge & Iron Works to Athalmer Road beside Bavin Glassworks, that has a studio in front and a work space in the back. Reimer has had his own company (Reimer & Co. Architectural Blacksmiths) based out of Golden for a number of years and has built some well-known works all over the Kootenay region.

The timing seemed right for Bellows to find a new place to call home for him and hopefully other blacksmiths.

“We were looking for more exposure. Previously my small shop was not well-known,” said Bellows.

As a welder by trade, Bellows starting working as a blacksmith over the past four years. He said that there are many great blacksmiths in the area that people do not realize are here and the gallery is now a part of a very artistic local community.

“We want to dove-tail our artistic ability with architectural and ornamental work. For people who have second homes or are renovating their main homes, there is a lot that can be done with steel,” he said. Bellows said that steel products are made to last and has a “quality about the mass, and you know it is made to last”. Bellows will be at the gallery full-time and will be working with Reimer. Reimer is thrilled to have a place to come to in Invermere and to be working with his new partner.

“Scott is working here as a blacksmith and I have always believed that you get more done when working with other people. The end result was this gallery,” he said. He went on to explain that the two blacksmiths have shown a different style in their work. Reimer said he has worked on many large architectural projects while Bellows has focused on speciality items for individuals. This is where the pair will work together to give people a better variety of the work that will be able to be completed.

“Every product is unique. Each piece is handworked so it doesn’t matter how close you come to replicating it – is done by hand,” Bellows said. “To showcase what we are capable of doing is very special.” For more information about the gallery call 250-342-5419 and keep an eye out for special events and demonstrations happening during the summer months.