Lions celebrate 60th year

The Lake Windermere District Lions Club is fast approaching its 60th anniversary in the valley.

The Lake Windermere District Lions Club is fast approaching its 60th anniversary in the valley.

An upcoming birthday celebration event is currently being scheduled some time for late October.

The bash will be a by-invitation-only event and will feature a dinner, entertainment and much more at the Lions Hall.

Invitations will be for members, outside clubs, businesses and other representatives.

A special international guest will also be appearing at the event in support of Lions International. However, who the guest will be has not been confirmed as of yet.

The anniversary will mark the Lions Club as one of the oldest service groups in the valley, and to keep the club and its many projects going, new members are required.

“What we want to do is to let the public know about the event and what we have been doing all these years,” said Lions member Herb Seel.

Currently the Lions Club has around 40 active members, but as time goes on, this figure could change.

“All the funds that we raise go back into the community, and we’d like more community members joining,” said Seel.

“The number of current members are getting a bit tired and may not be able to pull the weight of our projects.”

So the call has been put out for a younger set of prospective members to come forward and join up.

“They simply need to believe what we believe, and do the things we do,” said Seel. “If someone is interested in our club, they should show that interest to a member.”

Joining the Lions Club is not simply a walk-in process, however, according to Seel.

“You have to be invited,” said Seel. “If you speak and show interest to a member, in turn you’ll eventually be invited to attend meetings. Usually after about three meetings the person can then officially apply and join. Lions Club members are always out and about, looking and talking to others, so people just have to approach us.”

Being interested and joining also means acting as an active member too, and participating in more than just meetings.

“We need people that will be active, as we have some duties that we have to do,” said Seel.

“In the past, if you missed a meeting you had to have a doctor’s note to explain your absence. Now it’s not so strict, but you’re still expected to attend club meetings when you can and volunteer at our events.”