Remember when? (August 10)

A look back on what's happened in the Columbia Valley over the past 50 years for the week of August 10.

August 13

August 13

50 years ago: Toby Theatre Invermere had been closed for over a month due to renovations to both the interior and exterior. The foyer was enlarged, and new doors were added to allow quicker entrance and exit. Cushioned seats were also added to the theatre lobby. The ticket office and snack bar were also enlarged.

45 years ago: Work on school construction projects in Invermere was put on hold as a lock-out occurred with members of the carpentry union. At the time, work was being done to David Thompson Secondary School, Invermere Elementary School and Invermere West Elementary School.

40 years ago: A local man was in custody in Invermere after breaking into the Invermere Liquor Store. A case of high-quality, imported champagne and several bottles of whiskey were taken. Entry had been gained by breaking the plate glass window on the south-facing side of the building.

35 years ago: A midnight fire caused extensive damage to Embers Restaurant. The fire was called in by someone living near the incident who saw the smoke. The fire had started on the lower floor with the cause still under investigation at the time.

28 years ago: The Columbia Valley Figure Skating Club was pleased to announce that Gail Baterson, of Golden B.C., had accepted the position of Club Pro. Baterson had her fifth figure in skating and was attending summer skating in Cranbrook.

25 years ago: Major reconstruction projects were ordered for several schools in School District No. 4.

Among some of the recommendations were that Grade 3 students at Eileen Madson be transferred to J.A. Laird Elementary, that Radium Elementary School be converted to a primary school, that bussing of students would occur in different areas, and that the old secondary school in Canal Flats be closed down and a new wing added to Martin Morigeau Elementary.

20 years ago: The Radium Hot Springs Aquacourt was closing temporarily for repairs and renovations. Structural repairs to the locker room floor were the main focus, as well as subsequent electrical and plumbing work.

15 years ago: A “proper” boat launch area in Athalmer was called for after many members of the community voiced that the area used at the time was inefficient. Boaters would immediately be swept into the strokes of a water current from the then-used site.

10 years ago: A potentially volatile situation was caught and extinguished before it got out of control after a suspected arson fire struck Panorama Mountain Village. The 100 metre brush fire was doused by the Panorama Volunteer Fire Department. Reports of a suspicious youth where the fire started were noted, and investigation showed that machinery and natural causes were not what created the fire.

5 years ago: The Village of Radium Hot Springs Volunteer Fire Department responded to a small fire at the Canfor Mill. The fire, which occurred in the planer room, was contained long enough by the mill’s sprinkler system. Firefighters searched for other potential hot spots as well.