2006 — Aspire Dance held workshops for all ages and styles of dance. Karly MacPhail

2006 — Aspire Dance held workshops for all ages and styles of dance. Karly MacPhail

Remember When? (August 27th, 2014)

A look back through The Valley Echo's archives over the past 50 years.

50 years ago (1964):

A friendly contest in aid of the local hospital in its final campaign ensued as five attractive valley girls vied for for the Miss Windermere Valley crown. The winner was slated to receive the crown and robe from the retiring queen.


45 years ago (1969):

Columbia River riding electors turned out in full force on August 27th, and when the votes were all counted they had re-elected James Chabot, Social Credit candidate, to his third term in Legislature. Mr. Chabot scored 1,782 votes. William Batten, Liberal standard bearer was second with 713 votes and Ian Jack, N.D.P., trailed the field with 674.


40 years ago (1974):

Holy Smoke, a Victoria based rock group, signed a contract to appear at the 2nd Annual International Music Fever ‘74 that was held at Creston, B.C., Labour Day weekend August, 30th through to September, 1st.


30 years ago (1984):

An earth shattering explosion behind the Quality Bakery signalled the destruction by lightning of yet another power transformer. Each time a bang was heard, somebody was left without power and BC Hydro took a dead loss of about $1,000.


20 years ago (1994):

The Invermere campus of the East Kootenay Community College (EKCC) moved into what is now known as the David Thompson Secondary School.


10 years ago (2004):

A greenhouse helped Canal Flats take its first steps towards community beautification. Larry and Dianne Jonasson of Briar Parth Green House donated their stock.