2010 — A young dancer helps a taller performer get in a great stretch during an open house at DTSS. Dance instructors Colleen Wagner and Lynette Lightfoot along with performers showed the fun of dance to a packed house.

Remember When? (December 10th, 2014)

A look back through The Valley Echo's archives
over the last 55 years.

50        years ago (1964):

Plans for new building programs were being reviewed by the school board with the superintendent presenting figures for the current and predicted enrolment in the area. The figures showed a need for expansion in the school district and plans were made to add on to the Invermere and Canal Flats schools. With new home economics classrooms, an addition to the library for DTSS, two additional rooms in Canal Flats, and the new Invermere West Elementary all planned out, the valley had a big project on its hands.


45     years ago (1969):

The Austrian Dopplemayer T-Bar lift arrived at Panorama and was being installed under the close supervision of Austrian lift engineer R. Zauner. It was ready for its inspection from the Department of Transport so that the lift would be ready for Panorama’s opening weekend. They had rental skis stocked by Tim Sanders and Fritz Bortenlanger of Calgary Sport and Ski Shop.


40    years ago (1974):

Cross country skiing was introduced to Fairmont with new trails opening up. It created more opportunity for photography enthusiasts with viewpoints built into the trails. It also opened up the newer sport of hang gliding with the instruction of Eagle Delta’s Flying Machine Hang-Gliding School.


30     years ago (1984):

Santa brought early Christmas presents to three residents by drawing names at the Super Sunday Raffle. The first prize winner of $300 was Dolly Wieltchnig of Invermere, second prize winner of $150 was Thelma Gardner of Fairmont and the third prize of $50 went to G. Kluczny of Brisco.


20     years ago (1994):

George and Stella Gray had perhaps the biggest and brightest outdoor light display in the valley. Their lawn was ablaze with Santa Claus, candy canes, Frosty the Snowman, and a number of other Christmas figures. The couple took up their “seasonal hobby” three years before and the extra $150 electricity bill didn’t seem to stop them. George could be seen dressed as Santa Claus on Christmas Eve, distributing candy canes and small gifts door to door, and even created a mailbox for letters to Santa.


15     years ago (1999):

Members of the DTSS Christmas Carol Ensemble made rounds around downtown on the Diamond B Stables wagon during Super Sunday as their own little “Band Wagon”.


10     years ago (2004):

Tembec received the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) Certificate for its forest resource practices of Tree Farm Licence (TFL) 14 in Parson, B.C. They looked forward to seeking more FSC certification for the rest of their B.C. operations.

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