2007 — A pair of female bighorn sheep in Radium admire the statue of a buck.

2007 — A pair of female bighorn sheep in Radium admire the statue of a buck.

Remember When? (December 2, 2015)

A look back through The Valley Echo's archives over the last 55 years

55        years ago (1960):

Construction began on the new Redstreak Campground in Kootenay National Park. The planned 87-acre campground was meant to have space for up to 200 tents and replace the old, crowded Red Rock campground


50        years ago (1965):

After much lobbying from the local RCMP and local residents, the provincial Department of Highway finally agreed to add a footbridge, separated by a barrier, to the Athalmer bridge. Pedestrian safety on the bridge had been a concern for many years.


45     years ago (1970):

Upgrades on the section of Toby Creek Road up to Panorama Mountain Resort were carried out, including drilling some corners so they could be blasted to make the road wider. At the time lift tickets to Panorama and Fairmont Hot Springs ski resort could be used interchangeably.


40    years ago (1975):

A front page story in the Valley Echo clarified for readers that the sewer system upgrade work then underway would be complete ahead of schedule, by the end of January 1976. Re-paving of the streets was to take place the following spring.


30     years ago (1985):

Large billboards north of the crossroads on Shuswap Indian Band land were the source of consternation of several prominent Invermere business owners, who voiced complaints during an Invermere Business Committee meeting. The business owners maintained that the billboards took away from the area’s scenic beauty and made the approach to town aesthetically unpleasant.


20     years ago (1995):

Kootenay Columbia Reform MP Jim Abbott was outraged over the passing of Bill C-68 (the gun control bill). He expressed particular dismay that Conservative senators let the bill pass after they had suggested they wouldn’t unless it was amended.


15     years ago (2000):

Lake Windermere got a clean bill of health from a study that showed its waters were relatively clear with little algae and weed growth. The study, paid for by the District of Invermere, Columbia Basin Trust and other groups, rated the lake’s water quality as good to excellent.


10     years ago (2005):

The 2006 federal election (held in late January) was called — meaning it would run  over the Christmas holiday  — and Kootenay Columbia candidates began campaigning. Incumbent Conservative MP Jim Abbott and NDP challenger Brent Bush were almost immediately out on the campaign trail, but the Liberals had not yet nominated a candidate for the riding. A provincial  election campaign exactly 30 years prior to also run through the Chrismas holiday.