Remember When (December 23)

A look back through The Valley Echo's archives over the last 55 years

55    years ago (1960):

The Valley Echo printed a special Christmas edition with plenty of holiday trivia. Perhaps the most intresting story detailed the history of Christmas mince meat pies during the Reformation period in England. Prior to the Reformation holiday mince meat pies were rectanglar, to represent the manager, and often contained a little figurine of Jesus. When Puritans came to power this practice was deemed sacreligious and meat pies were banned. Eventually holiday meat pies returned many years later, but they came back in round form, with no figurines.


45     years ago (1970):

The Valley Echo once again published a Christmas special edition that included virtually no news, but contained a heartfelt holiday greeting. The message wished not only for readers’ days to be merry and bright, but for the waters of Lake Windermere to be calm and the fish to be plentiful in the coming new year.

40    years ago (1975):

Radium Hot Springs taxpayers voted decisively in favour of a proposed new sewer system for the community. The new system was projected to cost $625,000. Of the 98 votes cast, 73 were in favour of the new sewer system, and 25 were against it.


35     years ago (1980):

The Regional District of East Kootenay (RDEK) held a referendum in RDEK Area F and RDEK Area G, on allowing businesses to be open on Sundays and holidays. The residents of those areas voted overwhelming in favour of having business open their doors for Sunday and holiday shopping.


20     years ago (1995):

A three-person committee set up to determine pay rates for the next Invermere council, decided the next council should have a substantial pay raise. The next mayor was to get a 30 per cent pay raise to $10,000 a year and the councillors to get a 55 per cent raise to $6,000 a  year. Committee members Leo Kienitz, Laura Green and Grace Chabot said they voted to increase compensation after learning the pay for Invermere municipal officials was drastically lower than in most other B.C. municipalities


15     years ago (2000):

In a display of un-Christmas-like spirit, a thief stole two GT snowracers from a home in Invermere. The sleds had been sitting outside freshly waxed and waiting for snow.


10     years ago (2005):

The Canadian nodic ski team spent three days unwinding between World Cup races at Nipika Mountain Resort. The national team included two locals — Panorama resident Beckie Scott and Toby Benches resident Sara Renner — getting ready to ski in the upcoming 2006 Turin Olympics.