2011 — “Rusty

2011 — “Rusty

Remember When? (December 24th, 2014)

A look back through The Valley Echo's archives
over the last 50 years

50        years ago (1964):

It was the third year of the Invermere Kinsmen Club’s annual Christmas home decorating contest. The judges were to be driven around to certain areas in Invermere, Athalmer and the Westside Improvement District to judge houses on lighting technique, artistic merit, originality, and ingenuity in materials used. The first place prize was an electric blanket donated by BC Hydro.


45     years ago (1969):

Drunk driving was being discouraged after Christmas parties in the valley. The “First a friend… then a host” program sponsored by the BC Automobile Association gave the advice to plan the end of the party before worrying about how the party itself would get going to minimize the large number of after-party accidents during the busy  holiday season.There was a focus on finding a safe way home, or a place to stay overnight while attending various parties during the extensive festivities.

40    years ago (1974):

The resource centre at David Thompson Secondary School was up and running with many upgrades on what had been conventionally used in schools. There were no longer rows upon rows of desks and a blackboard, but educational videos and desks in groups to provide better learning opportunities for all students.


30     years ago (1984):

January 16th was set to be “Cold Turkey Day” in B.C. The BC Lung Association decided to take a “lighthearted” approach to the serious subject and therefore made a day supporting smokers with pledge cards, posters and “buddies” who were non-smokers to encourage them to kick the habit and start off the year successfully quitting smoking. Surveys showed that in 1983 around 33 percent of people quitting were successful and the rest found themselves smoking less than the year before.


20     years ago (1994):

The Family Resource Centre received its contract renewal for $110,000 from the B.C. government to allow it to continue providing its services to the valley, which included parenting and prenatal courses, family counselling, victim assistance and a library for the community.


15     years ago (1999):

The Columbia Valley Figure Skating Club held its annual festive season show at the Eddie Mountain Memorial Arena. The show’s theme that year was “A Christmas Ice Show” and included members of all ages, including its junior development group. Accompanying photos showed Charlotte Dibb and Gina Bukovnik as elves skating to their musical number.


10     years ago (2004):

The BC Conservation Officer Service was looking for people responsible for removing the head of a bighorn sheep. They reminded the public that it is illegal to possess parts of dead wildlife under the Wildlife Act. That incident had resulted in the fourth dead ram since early November that year.

~Compiled and written by Caitlin Fuller