December 2006 ­— Spring Hawes displays the $180 donation that the ACE (Accessibility in the Communityfor Equality) received from The Valley Echo’s signature page.

Remember When? (December 26)

A look back at what's happened in the valley over the last 50 years

40 years ago: The residents of Lake Lillian requested a comprehensive, two-year study of their lake, to establish new policies and regulations to protect and preserve the lake. Oil film on the lake was becoming obvious after a large amount of outboard gasoline engine traffic.

20 years ago: New burning regulations from B.C. Environment infuriated some RDEK directors, who said that land-clearing would become too expensive for most farmers and loggers to consider. B.C. Environment was cracking down on land-clearing fires which were previously exempt from regulation.

10 years ago: The Rocky Mountain School Board was making a move to ensure local schools would become peanut-free if necessary. In an expansion of an earlier policy that designated “peanut-free zones,” any school with a student who suffered from severe nut allergies would now become 100 per cent peanut-free.

5 years ago: School District No. 6 was in the news again, this time as they were set to receive a new 84-passenger fuel-efficient diesel school bus as part of a $10.6 million green initiative by the province of B.C. The new clean-energy school buses were aimed at meeting the requirements under the newly formed Greenhouse Gas Reduction Targets Act.





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