Remember When? (February 1)

A look back at what's happened in the Columbia Valley over the last 50 years.

January 31

January 31

50 years ago: Kimberley girls were vying for the honour of being chosen as Queen for the 7th Annual Kimberley Snow Fiesta Queen Contest. The three high school girls who were chosen as candidates were to be judged based on tickets sold for the event, as well as categories such as a talent competition, public speaking and deportment.

45 years ago: Handicapped children were set to receive some financial assistance thanks to the sale of community Christmas cards in Invermere. The cards were sponsored by the  Windermere District Women’s Institute and funds raised went to benefit a local association.

35 years ago: The district of Invermere council met to discuss the sewer system in Invermere. Many lines needed repair and some outright replacement, as the cold weather had frozen a number of discharge lines that were buried only three feet deep.

23 years ago: The Invermere Business Council was set to receive a $6,000 grant from Invermere council, under the stipulation that more than half be spent on an advertisement in the Rocky Mountain Visitors’ Association summer guide.

20 years ago: A new grocery store was planned to be built in Invermere. The 8,000 square foot building was to be located on the west end of 7th Avenue at the site of the former General Motors car dealership, and was to feature an in-store delicatessen, bakery, and butcher shop.

15 years ago: The Western Canada Wilderness Committee (WCWC) failed in its bid to ban the hunting of bears in the province. About 88,000 signatures had been collected on the petition, falling short of the 222,000 needed for a provincial referendum. Lake Windermere Rod and Gun Club president Bob Campsall said he was pleased the initiative had failed, and called it a “misguided although probably sincere effort.”

10 years ago: Disregard of traffic laws was worrying many valley parents, as motorists were speeding past stopped school buses on Highway 93/95. Several parents had phoned in concerns that as students were getting off the bus in Radium, sometimes in near darkness, that motorists were even more unlikely to see kids crossing the road.

5 years ago: An affordable housing project was proposed for Invermere. Cardel Resorts wanted to build an apartment/condominium project that was to be located on 15th Avenue. The 138-unit building’s intent was to provide “affordable and social   housing combined with market housing in a neighbourhood concept,”     reported district CAO Chris Prosser.