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Remember When? (February 18th, 2015)

A look back through The Valley Echo's archives over the last 55 years

55 years ago (1960):

Lake Windermere produced a monster named Oscar. Oscar was raised from the depths of Lake Windermere by skin divers during the annual Ling Derby. Skin divers of the Calgary Sub-Aquatic Club surfaced the purplish eight-legged creature, which turned out to have been a plant, planted to attract spectators.

45 years ago (1970):

An orange ribbon of train threaded past Lake Windermere Station at Athalmer, its gleaming new cars and engines making up the first of the new coal trains to traverse from Kaiser Steel Operations in the Crow’s Nest to Roberts Bank with coal shipments for Japan. The train was made up of 79 cars laden with an an average of 110 tons of coal per car.

40 years ago (1975):

The Rocky Mountain Boys Camp on Adami Point on the east side of Lake Windermere was purchased by Terra West Investments Ltd. and Meridian Developments Ltd., both B.C. registered companies from Mr.  and Mrs. E.J. Zinkan. Planning the new use for the property was underway by AEM Planning and Development Services Ltd. Of Calgary and Stanley Associates Engineering Ltd.

20 years ago (1995):

Pot smokers were no longer safe from the eyes of the law when they lit up on the chair lift at Panorama Resort. Members of the RCMP could be watching from the chair behind. Following a decision in December, Panorama Resort and local police banded their resources together to make the ski hill a safer, more enjoyable place to be, by sending detachment members to patrol the area.

15 years ago (2000):

Three members with the Columbia Valley RCMP Victim Services Program logged a combined milestone total of nearly 2,800 man hours. Nancy Pronk, Siri Tilling and Dusty Weaver were recognized as a huge asset to the program, which offers its services to victims of crime or trauma, said program manager Donna Power.

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