2010 - In response to the need for aid in earthquake-ravaged Haiti

2010 - In response to the need for aid in earthquake-ravaged Haiti

Remember When? (February 20)

A look back through The Valley Echo over the last 50 years

5 years ago (2008): Invermere residents started curb side recycling. For $60 per year, or $2.50 per pickup, blue and clear bags were collected every second week along with regular garbage service. The DOI anticipated $84,000 in revenue; a $43,000 surplus would be collected in a reserve fund.

10 years ago (2003): “Gas prices soar to new heights” was the front page headline in The Echo after fuel costs rose between 82 and 84 cents per litre.


Highway 93 was blocked by tree trunks for hours after a logging truck tipped while trying to make a turn on a busy route through Kootenay National Park.

20 years ago (1993): Teachers worked for the Windermere School District without a contract since July 1, 1992 until February 18 when a two-year deal was reached. Teachers would see a two per cent wage increase that year, taking effect retroactively, and a 0.8 per cent increase the following year. Substitute teachers would earn five dollars more each shift that year, and another five dollar bonus the next year.

25 years ago (1988): Silver Springs Family Chinese Restaurant opened for business in Radium. Co-owners Chuck and Cathaleen Chow had owned the restaurant in the National Park Hotel for six months until it burned down.

35 years ago (1978):  Over 150 people attended the Rod & Gun Club sponsors’ meeting on February 22 where biologists and the president of the club spoke against the proposed Kootenay Columbia diversion. Many of those in attendance were disappointed with how the question period was handled, claiming to have experienced “put down” responses to valid questions.

40 years ago (1973): The Pollution Committee Chairman attempted to resign at a Chamber of Commerce meeting, claiming that some residents appeared to have the impression that he had a “magic stick to wave over pollution problems.” A motion was passed refusing the resignation.

45 years ago (1968): A struggling farmer sent his local co-op a letter with $5 in response to his $769.80 bill for cow feed. “Will try and send you another $5 when I sell some calves in April but don’t count on it too much because my daughter graduates college in June and you know that takes quite a little money,” his letter said. “But don’t worry about this account as we are honest people and we will pay you every cent we owe you.”

50 years ago (1963): Columbia riding Social Credit MLA Richard Orr Newton died in his sleep at age 57 on February 14. Attorney General Robert Bonner, to whom Newton had forgone his seat a decade earlier to allow Bonner to run in a by-election and retain his prestigious post, commented in legislature that, “In my experience, Orr was one of the kindest members in this house.”