2011 — Dan Shoemaker of Invermere’s Fubuki Sushi demonstrated how to make sushi rolls at DTSS on Friday

2011 — Dan Shoemaker of Invermere’s Fubuki Sushi demonstrated how to make sushi rolls at DTSS on Friday

Remember When? (January 28th, 2015)

A look back through The Valley Echo's archives over the last 56 years

55    years ago (1960):

The Valley Echo was pleased to hear again from Mabel Jordan, who was known to many as an East Kootenay historian. Mrs. Jordan made a study of the history of the region  over a period of years and her articles were known for their accuracy. She contacted The Echo with a letter, describing a touching visit to David Thompson Secondary School.

50        years ago (1965):

The Kimberley Snow Fiesta committee invited Miss Diana Shymko, Miss Windermere Valley, Miss Beverly Engstrom, Miss Canal Flats, and Miss Doreen Weppler, the Invermere Regatta Mermaiden, to attend the 10th annual Snow Fiesta as honoured guests.

45     years ago (1970):

The second annual snowmobile races, held on a Saturday and Sunday, were an outstanding success, viewed by a large number of spectators. The event, sponsored by the Rocky Mountain High Riders, saw 59 entries, many of which were from Cranbrook, Fernie, Golden and Alberta points.

40    years ago (1975):

The first annual Cross Country Ski Race sanctioned by the Canadian Ski Association in the Windermere Valley was held Sunday at Lake Lillian, several miles west of Invermere. Winner of the ten mile race was Bob Zimmerman of Invermere with a time of 49 min and 43 sec.

30     years ago (1985):

Word was received of the death of George Majerle in Yugoslavia on November 15th. After Mr. Majerle retired from CP Rail, he resided in Athalmer for a few years before returning to his homeland in 1977. He had immigrated to Canada in 1925 and immediately took up work with the local railway company.

20     years ago (1995):

The mountain range to the east of Lake Windermere is the Stanford Range of the Rockies. It includes Swansea Mountain and Mt. Tegart. Mt. Tegart is named for the settler, Walker Tegart and Swansea is named because of the copper mined there years ago. The copper was then sent to Wales.

15     years ago (2000):

Some District of Invermere councillors showed an interest in valley-wide leadership in terms of planning. Counccil decided to put some money forward. Following a presentation by the Upper Columbia Valley Successful Communities Forum (UCVSCF) comittee, council unanimously agreed to provide $1,000 to aid an open forum.

10     years ago (2005):

A condominium project was given approval to begin construction in the Village of Radium Hot Springs. Village council, unanimously agreed to issue permit No. 65 to Timber Creek Developments Inc., represented by Windermere resident Patrick High.