Remember When? (January 30)

A look back at The Valley Echo's archivers over the last 50 years

This advertisement appeared in the February 1

This advertisement appeared in the February 1

5 years ago (2008): When a young girl was shot in Cranbrook in December, her friend had a lengthy wait after dialling 911. Since Cranbrook’s 911 call centre had been centralized to Kelowna four years earlier, the victim’s friend found herself waiting in line with 700 other callers. The friend of the victim started a petition to re-localize the 911 service — 3,000 signatures had been collected.

10 years ago (2003): The IHO reported that there were 601 children between ages one and five in the Windermere Health District, and that the East Kootenay life expectancy was six months greater than the nation average at 78.8. Average incomes in the Kootenay’s were about five to seven per cent lower than the provincial average, while heavy drinking was practised by 20 to 23 per cent of the Kootenay population, compared to 16 per cent throughout Canada.

20 years ago (1993): BC Premier Mike Harcourt announced in Switzerland to international investors that he’s “confident” that the Jumbo Glacier Ski Resort project will be underway “within the next couple of years.”

25 years ago (1988): Off-sale liquor can no longer be sold after 11 p.m. following new policies implemented by the provincial government. The aim is to minimize the social costs of alcohol and to promote moderation and responsibility in its use. One local tavern owner feels as though it’s an attack on businesses, while another is in favour “if it works”, but foresees an increase in thefts of alcohol.

35 years ago (1978): The Vernon Thunderbirds were in town last weekend for the Elks Native Hockey Tournament. During a match on Saturday against the Windermere Elks, tensions were high. During a third-period fight, a frustrated Vernon player took a slapshot into the stands, sending an Invermere man to the Calgary hospital with a shattered cheek bone which required surgery. A subsequent fight saw a Vernon player ejected, at which point he began another fight with a fan. The Vernon team was disqualified from the tournament and went home the next morning.

45 years ago (1968): From a Letter to the Editor by Aubrey L. Young: ” ‘The automobile is a necessity, not a luxury, in Canada today.’ How easily the phrase rolls off the tongue, and how little it means. Means more in some cases than others, of course. More in a rural area than in a city. Very nearly true to one whose job depends on it, quite untrue for most of those who use the car only for pleasure and leisure. If you care to say instead: ‘Owning a car gives me independence, mobility at all times, chances to see the country and visit friends, the rural dweller has the chance to go to the city easily, and the city dweller the chance to go to the country easily. Its value to my way of life is so great and genuine that I do not grudge what it costs me,’ that may well be true and honest. It may be equally true of all the other luxuries with which most of us are able to surround ourselves in this opulent era. Including me.”

50 years ago (1963): “Every year young Canadian girls will have an opportunity to display their baking skills in friendly competition with other teenagers from around Canada,” said the organizer for The Young Canadian Baking Champion. Teenage girls will first be required to fill out a quiz to qualify only those with baking know-how. Each province will hold competitions to determine their best young baker, who will be awarded with $100 Canada Savings Bond and new luggage. The provincial champs will then all compete in Toronto for a $1,500 educational grant.