2011 — A young skater decked out in a stylish snowsuit gets a helping hand while enjoying the ice on Lake Windermere

2011 — A young skater decked out in a stylish snowsuit gets a helping hand while enjoying the ice on Lake Windermere

Remember When? (January 7th, 2015)

A look back through The Valley Echo's archives
over the last 55 years

55    years ago (1960):

A New Year’s Eve accident proved a narrow escape for Edward Wonnacott of the Crossroads Service Station near Athalmer. Mr. Wonnacott was returning home from Invermere about midnight when the light delivery truck he was driving left the road at the top of the west-side Athalmer Hill and sailed from the hilltop to land right side up on the CPR right-of-way below.

50        years ago (1965):

Excellent results were obtained by local boys who were candidates in an examination held following the Junior Firearms Safety training. The training was sponsored by the Windermere District Rod and Gun Club. All candidates scored over 80 per cent.

45     years ago (1970):

Radium Hot Springs Aquacourt underwent further improvement for the 1969 season to provide accommodation for more bathers in the dressing rooms. Plans were set to double the accomodation size.

40    years ago (1975):

Valley residents were stunned Friday to hear of the sudden death of Richard Walter (Rick) Elliott, the son of Mr. and Mrs. Walter Elliott of Windermere. He would have been 17 this month.

30     years ago (1985):

The Canal Flats Hall committee received a lottery cheque in the amout of $20,000.00 from the office of the Provincial Secretary James Chabot. A cheque in the amount of $28,462,00 was also sent to Windermere to assist in the construction of important additions to both buildings

20     years ago (1995):

An outbreak of A-strain, or “Beijing” influenza had local health authorities warning high-risk groups in the Columbia Valley to get flu shots. Irene Hall, a public health nurse with the Eeast Kootenay Health Unit, ordered more vaccine in from Cranbrook as a precautionary measure after Washington, Idaho, Alberta and Saskatchewan all reported experiencing increasing amounts of flu.

15     years ago (2000):

Provinical Court Judge Don Sperry wasn’t convinced with the evidence presented that a 17-year-old Invermere youth, who’s now 18, was driving while impaired. He did, however, find merit in the facts presented that the youth failed to provide a breathe sample. The youth failed to provide the samples after being taken into custody by local RCMP .

10     years ago (2005):

The final project report review process by the Environmental Assessment Office (EAO) had begun on the proposed Jumbo Glacier Report Project. A final decision from the EAO on the project was expected mid-September, 10 years after the project was submitted. The Jumbo Creek Conservation Society (JCCS) battled the proposal for the duration.