2009 — Students from J. Alfred Laird took part in their own version of the Amazing Race

2009 — Students from J. Alfred Laird took part in their own version of the Amazing Race

Remember When (July 1, 2015)

A look back through The Valley Echo's archives over the last 55 years

55 years ago (1960):

Iranian Ambassador H. Maybud of Tehran, Iran shot a 350-pound bear while on a hunting trip at the Royal Antler Lodge, 23 miles south of Invermere. The ambassador said the valley, “is the most beautiful I have ever seen.” Further, he said he would try to visit as often as possible.


50 years ago (1965):

Premier Bennett officially opened the newly completed 40 bedroom Radium Hot Springs Lodge. Bennett arived a day early to take in the surroundings and enjoy a day of relaxation before the official ceremony. The next day, he cut the ribbon and welcomed guests to a reception at the Captain Armstrong Room.


45 years ago (1970):

J. Alfred Laird Elementary School awarded its annual prize for citizenship and school work to 12-year-old Greg Shaw, a grade 6 student. The award was a memorial prize for the late J. A. Laird, former chairman of the Windermere School District.


40 years ago (1975):

Three Canal Flats Girl Guides were presented with their Canada Cords, the highest award in guiding. Janet Tardif, Shannon Tardif and Valarie were presented  with their cords by District Commissioner F. Christensen.


25 years ago (1980):

Public hearings were held in Canal Flats, Windermere, Edgewater and Radium regarding the Regional District of East Kootenay’s (RDEK) proposed zoning bylaw for the area of Canal Flats to Spillimacheen. Joe Conroy of Invermere said he agreed with the idea of the bylaw, but said it had some problems. “A good law is one that provides the maximum benefit to a majority of the people and protects the rights and interests of the minority,” Conroy said. “It appears to me this bylaw does little of either.”


20 years ago (1995):

A new IGA opened in Invermere, promting several locals to attend the ribbon cutting ceremony. Mayor Chuck Blanchard gave the opening address, preceding a ribbon cutting by Ron and Marlene Brash, parents of two-thirds of the store’s new owners.


15 years ago (2000):

A privately initiated clean-up of Pothole Park resulted in the removal of 50 bags of garbage. At the time, the park was home to at least four bucks. Over 60 people turned up with garbage bags in hand.


10 years ago (2005):

Mayor Mark Shmigelsky announced his intention to run for his third term as mayor in Invermere. “I feel pretty good about throwing my hat in the ring,” Shmigelsky said. “I definitely have the experience and the next few years will be important as we evolve as a community.” Shmigelsky went on to win the election.