July 2008 — MP Jim Abbott

July 2008 — MP Jim Abbott

Remember When? (July 11)

A look back at what's happened in the valley over the last 50 years.

50 years ago: The riddle of a mysterious 300 pound anchor found in Lake Windermere captured the imagination of the community. Two Alberta skindivers found a large piece of metal sticking out near Buena Vista Resort, and was later identified as the anchor from a 1910 vessel known as the Selkirk.

45 years ago: When The Valley Echo called opposition leader John Diefenbaker for an interview, they learned that a recent story by the Canadian Press regarding his run in with a cougar was slightly exaggerated. Diefenbaker had  been enjoying a weekend getaway in the White Swan Lake area with the Fairmont Resort owner Lloyd Wilder when he saw the animal.

35 years ago: Controversy surrounded the killing of a two-year-old bear in Canal Flats. The local conservation officer was asked why they did not first use a tranquilizer gun and attempt to relocate the animal, however at that time they did not possess a tranquilizer gun.

20 years ago: Invermere council was digging for answers to a large pothole outside of the Tourist Information Booth. The issue was raised after a contractor delivered a quote of $2,500 to fix the hole, which was being gradually filled. Because fill was being dumped down into the pothole instead of being built up from the bottom, nothing would ever be able to be built there without huge expense.