NOVEMBER 2005 — Shawnee McGrogan

NOVEMBER 2005 — Shawnee McGrogan

Remember When? (November 18, 2015)

A look back through The Valley Echo's archives
over the last 50 years

50 years ago (1965):

Congregation members banded together to help fix the Stolen Church (St. Peter’s Church) in Windermere. The church got a new roof, was painted and had its interior redecorated. Further fundraising was planned for re-wiring and new light fixtures.


40 years ago (1975):

The first-ever television and FM radio frequency solar battery system in Canada was installed at Panorama Mountain Resort by a Calgary crew using helicopters. The new technology cost $5,000.


30 years ago (1985):

Doubt and confusion swirled over the possibly imminent closure of the Canal Flats sawmill. Mill foreman David White announced the mill would shut down unless it could turn a profit on charred wood salvaged from areas burned by wildfires. Then Crestbrook Forest Industries (which owned the mill at the time) spokesperson John Dutton said the closure was by no means certain, leaving employees and others perplexed.


20 years ago (1995):

Valley figure skater Marni Wilson won the provincial pre-novice championship. She chalked her victory up to landing a double axel jump — she was the only skater to even attempt such a jump at the championships.


10 years ago (2005):

Incumbent Invermere mayor Mark Shmigelsky, swept back to power, winning 70 per cent of the 1,067 votes cast in the district’s municipal election. Challenger Brian McLaughlin was ahead after the early vote count, but on the main voting day Shmigelsky thundered ahead. Voter turnout was the highest ever at the time for the district of Invermere.