November 2009 — The band The Mudmen came back to the valley and played a collection of both originals and classics at the Hoodoos restaurant.

November 2009 — The band The Mudmen came back to the valley and played a collection of both originals and classics at the Hoodoos restaurant.

Remember When? (November 19th, 2014)

A look back through The Valley Echo's archives
over the last 55 years

55    years ago (1959):

An impressive Remembrance Day ceremony for the time took place in Invermere conducted by Legion President, Joe Peitrosky. The flag bearers included Mrs. Oswald Young and Mrs. Gordon Lake from the Legion Ladies Auxiliary, and a number of members from the local Boy Scouts, Girl Guides and Wolf Clubs.

50        years ago (1964):

“The Happiest Millionaire” was staged at the Lake Windermere Community Centre with Mrs. Arthur Bowen as director and Miss Dorothy Worsley as stage manager. It was a fun production that depicted the marriage that would bring together the Dukes, a big tobacco family from North Carolina worth $90 million, and the Drexel Biddles, one of the old aristocratic families of Philadelphia  worth $1 million. The play circled the turmoil in the not-yet married couples’ families, and led to the couple finding their own solution to the problem.

40    years ago (1974):

The Home Nursing Care Program was three months into effect in Invermere, providing local residents with additional health services. Their services included injections, dressings, bed baths, and general nurse care supervision. Public Health Nurse, Ms. Janet McLaughlin, worked closely with the physicians at all times to care for patients referred for the services.

30     years ago (1984):

Invermere held its annual “Tush” contest at the Lakeside Inn. It involved several of Invermere’s “finest”  strutting their stuff before a usually quite appreciative audience. Contestants each brought their own music and a three-minute dance routine that involved a “discreet disclosure” during each performance. The judges for the event were Sue Saunders, Lynda Hay and Susan Wilder and the winner was awarded $600.

20     years ago (1994):

There were approximately 10,000 Kokanee salmon found dead in the north and south arms of Kootenay Lake. Fisheries biologist, Bob Lindsay, had said  the cause was unknown, but there had been similar deaths in the fish population numerous times in the past 20 years in many areas in the valley. Joyce Hutchinson, fisheries technician with the Invermere Office of BC Environment, explained that a possible cause of death could be algae blooms during the summer depleting oxygen in the water, therefore suffocating the fish. The actual cause of death was, however, unknown.

15     years ago (1999):

The work crews were putting the final touches into the second set of lights going up in Invermere. The cost of the lights added up to $75,000, $50,000 of which was supplied by Lake Windermere Resort Ltd.

Compiled and written by Caitlin Fuller