November 27

November 27

Remember When? (November 30)

At look back at what happened in the Columbia Valley over the last 50 years.

50 years ago: One of the first coin-operated dry cleaning plants in B.C. was installed in Invermere at the Kwik-Wash automatic laundry. The new facility was being enjoyed by valley residents who were, “able to accomplish dry cleaning and laundry at the same time while shopping.”

45 years ago: The Windermere Community Association convened to decide dates for some of their annual events, including Christmas bingo, a carnival and a Centennial celebration. Other suggestions included a dog-sled race, icepole climbing and broomball.

40 years ago: A resource centre for David Thompson Secondary School received tentative approval from the board of education. The new centre was to include records, tapes, films books and magazines as well as seminar rooms, a reading room and a periodicals corner.

35 years ago: The manager and president of the Revelstoke sawmill refuted reports that the sawmill was closing soon. The rumours surfaced when it was announced Revelstoke Sawmills had been sold to Slocan Forest Products, but Slocan President Ike Barber told The Echo that these rumours were completely unfounded.

32 years ago: Construction of a new 61-metre overpass over the Canadian Pacific Railway tracks at Athalmer was to begin immediately. The job was to cost around $560,000 and the crew of up to 10 workers were slated to complete the overpass by June of 1980

25 years ago: The new Minister of Tourism visited Panorama to emphasize the need to advertise recreational activities and facilities within the Columbia Valley. He told those assembled the valley’s recreational attractions are some of the best kept secrets in the industry, and insisted travellers be kept in the boundaries of B.C.

20 years ago: The Invermere Judo Club celebrated its 25th birthday. Past and present members of the club gathered at  the Invermere Community Hall to honour the founder Hermann Mauthner, thank him for being a super coach, and thank his wife Ursel for putting up with his love of the sport.

15 years ago: Invermere dodged the “provincial axe,” by avoiding grant cuts after a  series of cuts to municipal grants across the province. Mayor Chuck Blanchard said he was surprised Invermere had not lost any funding.

10 years ago: George Deck was awarded Invermere citizen of the year by the Rotary Club of Invermere. Deck received eight letters of nomination, which were more than half of all letters received. Upon receiving the award  he commented, “What I enjoy most is helping young people. That’s what’s important.”

5 years ago: The Invermere Volunteer Fire-fighter’s Society was started to raise money for the purchase of a new fire truck. The fire department was funded by the municipality, but money for new equipment fell into a, “gray area.”