Remember When? (October 21, 2015)

A look back through The Valley Echo's archives over the last 50 years

55     years ago (1965):

In a Shuswap Indian Band election, Lois Capilo replaced Xavier Eugene as chief. Raymond Teneese and Moses Teneese replaced Charlie Eugene and Edward Paul as councillors.


45     years ago (1970):

The then-mayor of Invermere used the front page of the Echo to ask teenagers to refrain from their traditional Halloween pranks that year. The pranks usually included dumping garbage all over Invermere’s main street (7th Avenue), lighting fires and throwing eggs.


40    years ago (1970):

The provincial Ministry of Housing announced it would construct low cost housing in Invermere. The housing was part of the Assisted Home Ownership Program.


30    years ago (1985):

At a town meeting, Invermere residents heard about plans to connect main street (7th Avenue) and 13th Avenue. The proposed connecting road used parts of 6th Street and 7th Street.


20     years ago (1995):

A trio of grizzlies killed two hunters, one from  the Lower Mainland (who had previously lived in the valley) and one from Kelowna. The men were found northeast of Radium Hot Springs near  the carcass of an elk they had shot. The bears were later killed.


10     years ago (2005):

Invermere was gearing up for a hotly contested municipal election, with incumbent mayor Mark Shmigelsky running for re-election aginst incumbent councillor Brian McLaughlin. The mayor race was a re-match of the 1999 mayor race, in which Shmigelsky beat McLaughlin by 11 votes.