2007 — Elijah Lechman was born in her Canal Flats family home when it became too late for her mother Lee-Ann Lechman to travel to the hospital.

Remember When? (September 30, 2015)

A look back through The Valley Echo's archives over the last 50 years

50 years ago (1965):

The Valley Echo launched a Remember When feature, but owing to its lack of history (the paper started in 1956) the stories from the Golden Star were used. The oldest memory in the Remember When feature was under its ‘50-years-ago heading’, and was the sudden death of Lady Elizabeth Bruce in 1915, just 18 months after she married Robert Randolph Bruce.


40 years ago (1975):

A large trainwreck occured in the valley when 10 rail cars in a northbound CPR coal train derailed at the Athalmer station and then piled up on top of each other. A trail of devatation was left in the accident’s wake with the log-built Athalmer rail station and one automobile smashed into oblivion.


30 years ago (1985):

Seeding began in Septemeber to restore some of the damage done by forest fires earlier that summer. The year had been a bad one for forest fires, with more than 40,000 hectares (400 square kilometres) of forest being burnt in and around the Upper Columbia Valley.


15 years ago (2000):

The Invermere district hospital was the first in the Kootenay region to recieve a new, more-advanced dialysis machine. The machine was touted as being smaller, quieter and more accurate than previous dialysis machines.


10 years ago (2005):

The Village of Radium Hot Springs welcomed RCMP Constable Ron Weaver. Weaver, although part of the larger Columbia Valley detachment was assigned specifically to work in the Village of Radium Hot Springs, using office space in the visitor centre as his base.

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