Remember When?

t Madison Samuel-Barclay

January 30

January 30

t Madison Samuel-Barclay

50 years ago: Pynelogs opened its doors as a home for the elderly. Residents attended the opening shower, bringing linens, cutlery, games, and other gifts to welcome the new establishment.

45 years ago: A new RCMP barracks was proposed to be built in Radium on federal park territory, adjacent to a Kootenay Park administration site. Radium residents objected to the barracks’ location largely due to the inconvenient distance the barracks would have with the community.

40 years ago: The Windermere Chamber of Commerce held a meeting to discuss the drug problem on the rise in the area, as it affected the community’s youth.

Recently re-elected school board chairman Mrs. Chris Madson voiced her concern about the lack of drug education in schools and wished to include it into the curriculum.

35 years ago: Fairmont Hot Springs Resort hosted the World Barrel Slat Races. Residents raced, crashed and rolled in costumes, riding home-made, old-fashioned skis created with barrel staves.

30 years ago: David Thompson Secondary School received a special honour with the erection of a sign designed and constructed by Gunard Ukass as part of his Metal Work 12 project.

The project was a re-creation of the DTSS Aim High Shield and will be displayed in the school foyer.

25 years ago: The Canal Flats lumber mill stepped up work to harvest scorched wood from burnt lands before it became unmarketable. To win the race against time, the mill received an upgrade, and mill workers worked around the clock from Monday to Friday, boosting productivity by 65 per cent.

20 years ago: A $1.5 million renovation to Invermere’s hospital was announced. The upgrade would give Invermere a minimum of 10 new long-term care beds, and additional space for a seniors’ drop-in centre.

15 years ago: Calgary folk singer Eileen McGann, along with accompanist David Knutson, warmed up a chilled crowd of music lovers with her original songs inspired by the love of nature at the Blue Dog Cafe.

10 years ago: A $3.5 million affordable housing project for the District of Invermere was unveiled. The project would be rental housing with 30 units. The organization committee was to present the project before Invermere’s council, hoping to receive district support in sewer hook-ups and waiving development cost charges.

5 years ago: 13-year-old Michael Brush finally cut his hair after growing it for two years. About six inches of his hair was lopped off and donated for the use of wigs for cancer patients.