Rotary sends students on a career adventure

Two David Thompson Secondary students get to partake in the Adventures Program through the Rotary Club of Invermere.

The Rotary Club of Invermere will be sending two students from David Thomspon Secondary School (DTSS) to various places in North America as part of the Rotary Adventures Program.

Kate Godlien and Mitchel Elliot were the two students chosen.

Godlien will be going to Ottawa as part of the Adventures in Citizenship program, and Elliot will be going to Wisconsin as part of the Adventures in World Affairs program.

“Both are really special programs,” said Eric Redeker, former Rotary Club of Invermere president and chairman of the vocational committee. “Hundreds of kids from all over attend the Adventures in World Affairs, which takes place at a university. Students coming back would be overwhelmed with what they’ve learned. Ottawa would be an experience too, as kids get to see parliament, learn how the government works and more.”

The Rotary Adventures Program has been available for years at the Rotary Club of Invermere, Redeker said.

Local students in grades 11 and 12 can apply for the various Adventures Programs, and are selected based on the club’s criteria.

While school achievements are important, Redeker says that community service also plays a big part in selecting a student for the program.

The Rotary Club of Invermere also recently sponsored DTSS’ cooking program, which sent students on a trip to Ontario, with a $500 cheque.

The club also partakes in a youth exchange program, which trades a local student with one from another country.

“I think it’s very rewarding,” said Redeker of working with youths. “There’s also a lot of career opportunities for youth when they attend these Adventures Programs seminars.”