DTSS student Kate Gibbs is the newest addition to The Valley Echo.

DTSS student Kate Gibbs is the newest addition to The Valley Echo.

Student reporter starts at The Valley Echo

I have loved writing stories ever since I was a little girl.

Living with Cerebral Palsy may be challenging sometimes, but I wouldn’t imagine living my life any other way. I’m very lucky I am able to do all I can do, and that I am not in any pain. I have lived in Invermere my whole life. I love being a part of our little town.  Everyone is so friendly and they all have connections with everyone else one way or another. Invermere is a close-knit community that welcomes everyone with open arms. I have a wonderful family of four: my Mom Judy, Dad Nick, and younger sister Natalie.  We’re all very close.  I enjoy going to school. I am an Honour Roll student at David Thompson Secondary School. I feel very accepted everywhere in the valley, but especially at school. Everyone is so good to me.

My favourite subject in school is English. I have loved writing stories ever since I was a little girl. When I used to go to daycare, I would sit at a computer for hours, typing out a story for everyone to read. I continue to better my writing all the time. Now, I write a blog on the internet about what it’s like living with Cerebral Palsy. I love getting connected with people that way. I’m in a writing class at school to help perfect my writing skills. I’m loving it and it’s really helping me become a better writer. I have co-published a children’s book with my best friend from Fernie. We got to meet a real children’s author and receive some advice. That was a great experience. We felt pretty special when our book was released. We’re authors now.

I also have some reporting experience as well. I got to report on the Vancouver 2010 Paralympic Games. I was chosen to go from Set B.C., an organization that gives technology to kids with diverse abilities to make their lives easier. That was amazing. I’m very lucky to have been given the opportunity and have continued my reporting in the valley. I got to interview the skier Manny Osborne with help from a Valley Echo reporter, Dave Lazzarino.

I get to work with The Echo again, to write my blog and do some interviews about people with diverse abilities. I’m here as part of a work experience class at school. We’re supposed to do one hundred hours of work at a place of our choice and

I chose The Valley Echo. I’m exited to be on board with everyone here and eager to get to work. I hope you enjoy my stories.

This is Kate Gibbs, signing off as your new reporter for the Invermere Valley Echo.